East Coast Maritime Business Summit is a unique conference launched fives years ago in 2013 with a sole objective of promoting maritime business on the east coast. During the time when whole nation and Government started seriously focusing on “Look East Policy” and subsequently “Act East Policy” we at Maritime Gateway realized the need to identify the opportunities and challenges on the east coast and connect people who own, handle and transport cargo.

This conference has become an instant success with stakeholders right from West Bengal on northeast to Tamilnadu on southeast embracing this idea and participating in huge numbers. Across the maritime value chain container terminals, shipping lines, rail and road operators, CFS owners/operators, CHAs/Freight Forwarders and more importantly cargo owners (shippers) join this platform to share their stories, business plans and market information.

The theme for 2017 Summit would be “Rebooting Business Strategies” which essentially focuses on how entrepreneurs, developers, investors, business houses have to go back to the drawing board, take a re-look at their business strategies in challenging times that we are passing through. This will not only make the participants to review the status of maritime infrastructure on the east coast, original business objectives and projections made by the investors, reality check of demand/supply scenario, actual growth of hinterland and how exactly we can leverage on the opportunities that keep coming in even tough times.

In sessions, this year we will be looking at

  • Maritime Business in a Changing Environment : Opportunities &Challenges
  • Regional Developments: Hinterland Hotspots
  • Coastal Shipping: Carrying Cargo on East Coast